For Maddie

>> Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Words are absolutely failing me today...there's so much I'd like to be able to say but my heart just hurts and everything I try to write becomes a blubbery mess.

Instead I'll urge you to visit Mike and Heather's blogs.  Read about their beautiful Maddie and offer some support if you can.  Then if you're so inclined visit Friends of Maddie and donate to buy a NICU Family Support Pack. 

On April 25th our family will be walking in the March for Babies.  We walk for Cassie, in honor and remembrance of Maddie, and in the hopes that someday all babies will be born healthy and full term. Please consider joining our team for the walk or donating to the March of Dimes in Maddie's name.

My blog is purple for the month of April and we will be planting some beautiful pansies this weekend to honor Maddie and celebrate both her life and the impact she and her family have made on so very many people across the world.  When I look at them I will think of her beautiful smile and how it outshone the sun in that yellow outfit on that Perfect Day.

Mike and Heather, I'm just another internet "stranger-friend", one of what must be 100's of thousands, but your Maddie, your family, and the good that you have dragged out of this are indelibly printed on my heart.  It's my sincerest hope that all of our voices and love help to support you today and always.


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