Half-Baked - The Musical

>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So, my previous attempts at blogging regularly have sucked royally. I post once or twice and then go months without posting anything at all. I read and find myself caring about SO very many bloggers, but hardly ever actually take part in the community. So, I’m making two new promises to myself.

  1. I’ll no longer be a “lurker”, if I read something on your blog that I have something to say about I’m no longer going to let me inner editor stop me from commenting. From now on when I hear that little voice ask “What makes you think he/she cares what you have to say or needs your support?” I’m going to comment anyway.

  2. I’m going to post on my own blog at least three times a week.

To start myself off and because I seem to need some kind of “lead in” to get past the “Why would you share this with the internets?” , I’m going to frame most of my posts around whatever music/song has made me think that day or best fits my feelings for the day. So – a song for your listening pleasure and a little bit of my life/thoughts on the side – not too bad a deal right?

Now make no mistake, I’m not a music critic and I have pretty unsophisticated musical tastes that I can promise you will be all over the place. I do, however, have an inner music video producer (why yes, it *is* very crowded in my head!) that loves to take every song I’m listening to and turn it into my own personal VH1 ready music video. I may not be able to record the videos playing in my head, but at least I'll be able to record my thoughts about them!


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