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>> Friday, September 19, 2008

Well Cassie’s eye surgery went like clockwork. We won’t know for sure if it “took” for another couple of months, but she made it through the operation without any hitches at all. She had ear tubes put in a few months ago and had a lot of difficulty breathing after the anesthesia. The few months must have made a difference though because she had no problems whatsoever coming out of the anesthesia this time – in fact she was screaming like a banshee letting everyone know EXACTLY how displeased she was as they brought us back to post-op.

Her recovery has been pretty miserable, but not in an alarming way. Her eyes are irritated and painful, so she’s been pretty quiet and keeping her eyes closed, mostly just clinging to Mom the first two days and that was just fine by me. I’m back to work today and counting the seconds until I can get back home to her.

All 34,200 of them…

Warped sense of humor warning!

After taking time for all of us to each have our own little meltdown when we realized Cassie really was going to be OK, we were all sitting around talking about how Cassie’s eyes looked and that she should be more comfortable in a few days.

One person mentioned that the whites of her eyes were bright red, another that she was pale and had dark circles under her eyes, it was bothering Christopher that her tears were bloody…there was a pause and a couple of snickers from the older guys who were trying to cover it up…and then I just couldn’t help it, I threw my black sweater around her like a cape and we all bust a gut laughing…we should have tried to wait until Halloween for this surgery because I’ll be damned if this poor kid wouldn’t pass for a vampire!

We laughed until we were all crying again with poor Cassie peeking at us from under her lashes wondering what the hell she had gotten herself into hooking up with this family!


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